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Kalamazoo, a double turreted monitor, was laid down in 1863 at New York Navy Yard. A larger version of the Miantonomoh class, she had slightlybetter freeboard (approx. 45 inches), better lines, and was more adapt at sea keeping than previous versions. kalamazoo class monitor

Type and class Ironclad monitor Onondagaclass Authorized May 26, 1862 Shipyard Continental Iron Works Greenpoint, New York Images of USS Onondaga during the James River operations of. v Kalamazoo Passaconaway Quinsigamond Shakamaxon. This is a list of all monitors of the United States Navy. While the most famous name is represented in this list, many monitors held multiple names during their service life. View the complete list of names. The whole category of monitors took its name from the first of these, USS Monitor The Kalamazooclass monitors were a class of oceangoing ironclad monitors begun during the American Civil War. Unfinished by the end of the war, their construction was suspended in November 1865 and the unseasoned wood of their hulls rotted while they were still on the building stocks. If the four ships had been finished they would have been the most seaworthy monitors in the US Navy. kalamazoo class monitor

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